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Christmas Pageant 2019



Caitlyn's service is livestreamed via the parish's Facebook page so all could safely join with her. 


St. Martin's rector, the Rev. Mitch Smith, confides that he never anticipated an ordination like this one for his colleague Caitlyn Darnell. 

SPO15459.jpegscotrt as witness
Caitlyn's fiance Scott Keith also signs as a witness to Caitlyn's promises. 

SPO15568.jpeg cd fam close

Caitlyn's parents share in the celebration with their daughter, having traveled across country to attend. 


SPO15482.jpegpandemic ordination

In the midst of a global pandemic, Caitlyn Darnell is ordained to the Sacred Order of Deacons at St. Martin's on March 19, 2020.. (Photos by Scotty Peek.)

SPO15490.jpeg cd looksup

Caitlyn looks up as the service progresses -- a moment she has waited so long to see happen. 

SPO15516.jpeg cdpeace

The Rev. Deacon Caitlyn Darnell shares the Peace, pandemic style. 

SPO15544.jpeg cd dad bish window

A special hug with Dad after the service. Mom and Bishop Waldo look on. 


Bishop Andrew Waldo of the Diocese of Upper South Carolina lays hands upon Caitlyn as she is ordained a deacon, her first ordination step toward the priesthood. 

SPO15457.jpeg cd signs book

Caitlyn signs her name to her promises. 

SPO15529.jpeg cd pours wine

The Rev. Deacon Caitlyn Darnell prepares the elements at the altar of her ordination. 

SPO15584.jpeg all clergy

St. Martin's clergy after the service: the Rev. Alan Bentrup, member and Diocesan staff, the Rev. Chuck Petit, M.D., the Rev. Susan Prinz, Ph.D., the Rev. Deacon Caitlyn Darnell and the Rev. Mitch Smith, rector.