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Betsy and Crosby Adams

Crosby and Betsy Adams enjoy an evening of jazz at our Celebration of God's Abundance dinner. 

Little brother and sister with braid

Even the youngest among us enjoyed the jazz tunes. Senior Warden Heather Cairns looks on. 


Little dancer

This little dancer stole the show at times during the evening. 

Desserts 2

Homemade desserts abounded in The Patisserie. 

Trumpets 2
Celebratory trumpet sounds were truly abundant at our celebration!


Joe and Carol Lumpkin enjoying the evening with a good friend. 

Dick Goodwin

The conductor extraordinaire Dick Goodwin oversaw an evening of fabulous music. 



 The music brought a number of diners to their feet. 


Anna and Randy James

Anna and Randy James pose during intermission.