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Mitch 8

Worship begins on July 9 with our new rector, the Rev. Mitch Smith, left, processing down aisle alongside the Rev. Chuck Petit, assisting priest. 

Mitch and Joe

Joe Lumpkin speaks with the Rev. Mitch Smith at reception following Mitch's first service at St. Martin's. 


Alan Lott

Alan Lott oversees our audio ministry. It truly takes a village. 


Mitch and Alice and Sarah

Sarah and Alice McCrory greet the Rev. Mitch Smith at reception held after his first service on July 9. 

Mitch 3

The Rev. Mitch Smith pauses before his first service at St. Martin's.


More of our village. Greeters John Farley and Kate Hartley. 

Mitch and Patsy F

Patsy Farr shares a story with the Rev. Mitch Smith. 


Mitch and Sue Hopke

 Sue Hopke introduces herself to our new rector. 


Sue and Jane

Mitch and Jane Jannack share a greeting.