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Christmas Pageant 2019



Soldiers and shepherds keeping watch over all the activity in Bethelhem.

Laughing animals

Joyful animals celebrate the happy day. 

Pat Herod
King Herod is a bit worried about this new baby he has heard about.

Soldiers arriving

Roman soldiers process into Bethlehem. 


Pageant nativity

Silent Night. Holy Night. All is right with the world. (Photos by Scotty Peek.)

No Room in the Inn

Though a baby was on the way, there was no room in the inn. 

Shepherds keeping watch

The shepherds prepare to keep watch over their flocks. 

Shepherd and angel

Mary and Joseph have a discussion. 


Sheep sisters making way for the Baby Jesus. 


A star prepares to shine brightly over Baby Jesus. 

Donkey and Mary

The donkey that brought Mary to Bethlehem took her role seriously. 

The littlest angel

The littlest angel makes his presence known.