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Becoming a member

If you have recently visited St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields, we welcome you to continue to worship with us and to participate in other activities and programs. Formal membership is not required. However, here are some next steps to help you move more intentionally into this community of faith. When you are a new or returning visitor, we would love for you to:

        Complete a visitor card or sign our guest book on a Sunday so that we have some initial
        contact information.  We’ll send you one welcome letter or email and some basic
        information about St. Martin’s.

        Pick up a Visitor’s brochure from one of our greeters when you’re here and learn more
        about our worship, programs, and the many ways we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

When you are ready to explore formal membership, you may do one or both of the following:

        Call or email the Parish Office to make an appointment to meet with one of the clergy or a
        staff member.  There’s no expectation of commitment at this time; we want to get to know
        you and your spiritual journey – what brings you here, what interests you, what questions
        you have.  

        Or complete a newcomer form (available at the top right or the Parish Office) to give us
        your complete contact information and ensure you receive our weekly E-Messenger about
        upcoming events and worship.  There is also a place on the form to indicate if you would
        like to formally join either by transferring from another church or through baptism,
        confirmation or reception.  We will help you with all of that!

Whatever brings you to St. Martin’s-in-the-Fields, we’ll be glad to see you and look
forward to worship, formation and ministry with you in the name of Christ.  


Contact the Parish Office.

Newcomer Form