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The St. Martin's Foundation seeks to encourage the grace of giving through contributions to a perpetual trust formed in 1973 to undertake God's work in the world.

The Foundation Board administers the Foundation funds. The board consists of eight parishioners serving four-year terms. Each year a new chairman is selected among the board members serving. Board members agree to manage specific funds and approve applications submitted.

The current board includes:
Grace Allen, Mary Balbach, Leslie Hoover, Anna James Anne Moore, Chad Poteat (co-chair), Doug Saunders, Tim Thames (chair) and Joe Watts.

Chair Tim Thames may be contacted for additional Foundation information or questions at

The Foundation has four specific funds:

The Arbor Endowment Fund -- This fund supports capital needs, church ministry programs in the community, new ministries and special one-time projects.

The Cloak &  Sword Fund -- This fund awards modest grants annually to worthy community organizations that are striving to meet the fundamental needs of those in crisis.

The Hensley Fund -- This fund awards grants to parishioners for such use as scholarships to study for the ordained ministry or other Christian service careers as well as conferences to provide Christian formation opportunities for teachers and other church leaders.

The Clark Fund -- The Foundation is excited to announce this new fund (2019), which supports and sponsors religious educational programs for St. Martin's children and youth. The Foundation board is finalizing the establishment of this fund and looks forward to sharing how children and youth will benefit from the fund. 

The Foundation is further supported by The Legacy Society, those members of St. Martin's who remember the parish in their estate. Funds donated through The Legacy Society may be designated for any of the Foundation funds or a special ministry or need within the parish. Funds not donated for a specific purpose are managed as undesignated gifts.

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