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Music Page

St. Martin’s has a long history of music ministry. We have opportunities for all ages, regardless of age, ability or previous musical experience. We believe all of God’s children have the ability to discover, develop and share in the dynamic ministry of music.

Our Adult Choir

Our adult program, led by Minister of Music English Morris for more than 30 years, includes our Adult Parish Choir and instrumentalists, who play instruments during special worship services or during particular parts of services such as preludes.

Our Statement of Mission

To prepare: Strengthen and tune through regular attendance in rehearsals.
To lead:  Share abilities, inspire, encourage and honor Christ through music in worship.
To love:  Build community by sharing the joys and sorrows of life within the musical group, strengthened to reach out in love to others.
To witness:  Share the Good News of the Gospel through music, during weekly services and special events, and to function as music missioners in the world locally, regionally and internationally. 

Children and Youth Choirs

At St. Martin’s, we use the Royal School of Church Music program, which involves teaching children both the meaning and the technical aspects of music celebrated within the church.

Our RSCM program is led by Pamela Hair for children beginning at age 5 and going through high school.




FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Adult Choir, contact Minister of Music English Morris.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about the Royal School of Church Music program for our youth, contact Director Pamela Hair.